Visiting lecturer, Ms. Judith Burrows gives interview to SBS African on clinical pharmacy training at the Department of Pharmacy


In 2015 and early 2016 Judith Burrows, lecturer at University of Queensland, Australia visited the Pharmacy Department at CoM Blantyre Campus to assist in developing clinical services provided by pharmacies at QECH and to teach 4th year Pharmacy students in clinical pharmacy and medicines management. Ms. Burrows was furthermore engaged in a project that aims at improving patient safety in two wards at QECH with the view to roll out the project in hospitals across Malawi. Her engagement with the Pharmacy Department was enabled through the EU/GIZ “Strenghtening Specialised Medical Care in Malawi” (SSMCM) project.

Learn more about her experiences by listening to the interview:

Pharmacy training and practice in Malawi get a leg-up from Uni of Qld