TRACT study started in March 2015


Severe Anaemia is a major cause for hospital admission of children in sub-Saharan Africa, including Malawi. The WHO has published paediatric guidelines on the rational use of blood transfusion to lower the risk of transfusion-related infections. However, due to scarce evidence on the effectiveness of these guidelines, adherence remains poor. The aim of the TRansfusion and TReatment of severe Anaemia in African Children: a randomized controlled Trial” is to substantiate whether blood transfusion is in fact the best treatment for children suffering from severe anaemia, to verify whether the WHO-recommended standard doses are in fact applicable in the local context, whether a “multi vitamin multi mineral (MVMM) treatment” with 15 chemicals/vitamins offers advantages in comparison to the existing standard recommendation of treatment with folate and iron, and whether the antibiotic cotrimoxazole can fight infections and prevent children from falling sick in the 3 months following the treatment. The study was initiated in March, 2015. It is a multicentre trial with 3,500 participants, funded by the Medical Research Council and Department for International Development of the United Kingdom. For more information, see:

TRACT study