Small-scale Production of Dermatological Preparations for QECH Skin Department

CoM Pharmacy Department

A collaborative project between the Pharmacy Department at COM, the Hospital Pharmacy at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH) and the Skin Department of QECH has been established concerning a small-scale production of dermatological preparations for patients at the Skin Department at QECH. As part of the project, three pharmacists and three pharmacy technicians from the Hospital Pharmacy of QECH and four staff members of the Pharmacy Department took part in a two weeks training on dermatological preparations funded through the EU/GIZ programme Strengthening Specialized Medical Care in Malawi (SSMCM). Moreover, the Pharmacy Department at the College of Medicine has established a small-scale production of dermatological productions as part of its training activities for pharmacy students and since October 2015, the small-scale production of dermatological preparations and quality control have become a regular part of the teaching of pharmaceutics to 3rd year BPharm students.

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