New neonatal unit at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital


A new neonatal unit is under construction at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH). The building is near completion and expected to open in August 2015. The project started in 2013 when grants from several organisations where confirmed. Funding is on the one hand secured through the organisation Friend’s of Sick Children in Malawi (FOSCiM) and co-funded by ELMA Foundation (ELMA Philanthropies). As part of the Day One project (an effort to create a collection of low-cost, neonatal technologies that a district hospital serving 250,000 people can implement for about $5,000) Rice University supports the construction of the neonatal intensive care unit. These funds enable to revamp the neonatal care unit and to double the size of the Kangaroo Care unit. Kangaroo Care is an evidence-based, low-tech way to treat neonates.

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